Big or small, we can serve any Minecraft community

We offer Bedrock/WIndows 10 Editon, Bedrock/Console Editon*, Minecraft JAVA Edition,

Minecraft JAVA Modded, Servers in a varity of sizes and versions.

Your data is protected by on-site security guards around the clock. We offer a 100% uptime SLA for network, cooling, and power availability by utilizing multiple water feeds, power feeds, network feeds, and backup generators. Our Data centers are is built to withstand some of the roughest conditions in the area, including but not limited to category 5 hurricane winds. Facilities are staffed by technicians 24/7/365, who have physical access to your servers in seconds if there are any issues.

Gateway to the Americas

Miami, considered the “Gateway to the Americas” offers exceptional connectivity to North America, Central America, and South America. The markets in Brazil and Argentina have recently exploded and there’s no better location to tap those markets than in Miami. Being a far east location, Miami also offers great connectivity to European countries to allow for an overall larger reach world wide with minimal to no sacrifices in speed and overall performance.

Falcons Stone

Falkenstein (“Falcon’s Stone” in German) is currently one the top trending data center locations in the world. The ultra-modern & multi award winning Falkenstein Data Center is the prime location for all of Europe and offers superb connectivity for Africa, Asia, Australia, & the United States.

The Network

  • Fast load times with extensive peering
  • No growth limitations
  • Network usage never over 80%, even during peak hours
  • Future proof with native IPv6 support
  • Multiple 40 Gbps uplinks per switch
  • Fully redundant with automatic fail-over
  • 100% unshared/dedicated ports
  • 100% network uptime SLA
  • 0% Packet Loss Guarantee
  • 10+ Gbps network delivery available every server

Data Center Details

  • Carrier-neutral site
  • Multiple providers for access
  • 24/7 technical support staff on site
  • 45,000 sq ft building size
  • 100% uptime SLA
  • Built to withstand Category 5 Winds
  • Overhead Cable trays for copper, fiber and coax connections

Data Center Infrastructure

  • High-efficiency UPS systems
  • Design PUE = 1.7
  • 24 hours of on-site fuel storage
  • Diverse utility feeds
  • Dual water sources
  • Dual-interlock pre-action dry-pipe
  • Sprinkler system
  • N+1 dry cooler systems
  • CRAHs. 2N glycol pumps

Facility Details

  • 24/7 security personnel on site
  • Perimeter and interior IP-Cams
  • Photo ID required for site access
  • 24/7 access lists
  • Mantrap entries
  • Dual authentication
  • Biometric readers
  • Ballistic glass security check-in