Big or small, we can serve any gaming community

When it comes to running a game server, hardware performance is vital to smooth and consistent service. Over the years gaming has evolved into a whole new genre and with that evolution came the need for faster & more reliable hardware resources.

CluckHost utilizes all the latest hardware from the newest CPU’s, the fastest in high speed NVMe storage, and the most reliable ECC DDR4 RAM.

Whether you need a small budget server for your single player world, a standard server to host a few of your friends, or a more extreme server to run your own SMP or all the latest mod packs we’ve got the server for you.


Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles offers a strategic location to target key world wide audiences across three continents. Improve reach globally to North America, Asia, and Australia.

Miami, Florida

Miami offers exceptional connectivity to North America, Central America, and South America. Being a far east location, Miami also offers great connectivity to European countries to allow for an overall larger reach world wide.

New York, New York

NYC has some of the best internet connectivity world wide. With bandwidth connected directly from most large cities in the USA, Canada, Europe, and South America it’s a popular choice for delivering content around the globe with lower latency.

Falkenstein, Germany

Falkenstein is currently one the top trending data center locations in the world. This is a prime location for all of Europe and offers superb connectivity for Africa, Asia, Australia, & the United States.

Extra Monthly Options

– Advanced Support* – $4.99 per month
– Dedicated IP – $3.00 per month
– Server Management – $9.99 per month

Extra One-Time Options

– Server Migration – $4.99
– Server Tutorial & Walkthrough $9.99‡
– Mod-Pack Install $9.99†

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